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PRETEND YOU LIKE IT: the greatest hits of the piz->

In celebration of the two year anniversary of the release of the original INSERT PIZ HERE—> album, this tape features all the hits from our first two years of existence, a few of them remixed by well-known figures in techno music. It contains songs which were previously unreleased at the time it came out, which is now irrelevant. Also includes special "bogus track".
Fun for the whole family indeed.

side 1

1. larry's park
2. johnny & the platypus
3. little sally
4. the lumberjack
5. vote for robbie
6. coconut juice
7. chocolate dinner
8. the pigs lizard
9. cornwallis in the fray
10. rat friend
11. the scary towne
12. evil bob vs. jerry
13. salamander/monkey jig
14. pancakes & broccoli
15. on the boat
16. conceited
17. no/i like celery/hey paul/viva la rock & roll/drink the milk/satan's in the bagels/my feet burn/turtle shell/kurdt's shoes
18. big banana generation
19. invisible dan the invisible man
20. butthole
21. the peach
22. the pez®
23. into the cathedral we go

side 2

24. my name is sussssy
25. a bunch of jocks
26. mr. doo doo head
27. too many pancakes
28. the formation of storefront anxiety
29. jacket, the brown
30. slobbering bill
31. the only thing left
32. mangolia/the empties
33. cop man
34. cotarkeistic aldemrober
35. i need a pencil
36. the girl with the funny twitch
37. super bourbon
38. toast
39. centrifugal force
40. rubik's pubes (obituary mix)
41. reuben doesn't like that title
42. officer bobby
43. 12 lb. pork chop
44. the peanut butter factory
45. ashleigh
46. anti-drug song (dance remix)
47. tom can't square dance (radio mix)
48. bogus track: spider-man