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Stupid Font #S237NKF

Download Stupid Font #S237NKF
This one was made by having a program trace the outlines of a bitmap of some font or other. It didn't do a very good job, so it looks all weird. I guess there wouldn't be a point if it looked exactly the same. Yes, it's named "Stupid Font #S237NKF."
(Windows TrueType, 21k)

Garbage Juice

Download Garbage Juice
This isn't a sound. In fact it doesn't have anything to do with sound. But this isn't the sounds page, so who cares? This is a font that was made as quickly as possible in the stupidest way known to man. I guess this was used on the cover of Officer Bobby / the b-side.
(Windows TrueType, 42k)


Download 7483
This font will annoyingly put itself at the top of your font list because it is named with numbers because I didn't care what it was called because it doesn't have anything to do with doorknobs. This font was made by writing the characters on a wet piece of paper with a stick dipped in ink, and then scanning it. Look on the side of your copy of Return to Stupidland.
(Windows TrueType, 113k)


Download pizfont
Here is another useless font with a stupid name. At least, I sure haven't found a use for it. The capital letters have faces. Humans are occasionally able to be useful even though they have faces, but this font is not.
(Windows TrueType, 58k)