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Animated cursors

Piz arrow   Piz busy arrow   Piz busy arrow   Piz link arrow
Ignore the statement below saying I will probably never make new ones.
(5 Windows cursors, 2k)

Animated skull cursors

Spinning skull   Spinning skull with arrow
I made these a few years ago and I will probably never get new ones. Normally it's a regular black arrow, but when "busy," a skull appears.
(4 Windows cursors, 9k)

Piz energyXT skins

For energyXT 2.x:
141 / white / boring (original) / boring

For energyXT 1.x:
Download Piz energyXT skin
See a bigger picture here.

Version 2 (4k): New. Improved. Large image here.

more (newer, better, still old) here.

Piz Winamp skin

Download Piz Winamp skin
(5 colors, 13k)
Designed to be used as a thin bar across the top of my screen (not as pictured, but like this) but you can use it too, even in other sizes and locations on your screen. Place in Winamp/Skins folder.