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The Piz—> was created on May 23, 1995 when four people (Paul, jonbobby mcfee, Reuben, and Robbie) with little or no musical ability somehow got ahold of a guitar, a tambourine, and a tape recorder and used them in unthinkable ways to create the worst music ever made. The best sounds that were created on that day appear on the first and self-titled release, Insert Piz Here-> tapeInsert Piz Here->, which has been compared to Ween and is probably good for a laugh or two. Get yours today. Somehow our inability to actually play our instruments did not discourage us and we continued getting together and recording stuff until we had enough for a 90 minute cassette to actually sell to people. Reuben multitasking.Shortly after we acquired a snare drum and some buckets, Insert Piz Here-> was finished and ready for release. This is believed to be sometime in August of 1995. Anyone who actually paid two dollars for this now feels very silly. If you like slide whistle solos and stupid songs without any drums, this tape is for you. Sometime during the making of this tape we decided on a name for our band. When the tape was first released we were called "Insert PEZ® Here" but decided to change it to avoid being associated with anything at all. Only one copy of the original Insert PEZ® Here tape still exists, but even that one probably has Metallica recorded over it by now. The difference between the PEZ® tape and the Piz tape was that we recorded a few new songs and somehow we fit them onto the tape without leaving off anything (note: the stuff that "wasn't" left off of this tape is now available on the compact disc version).

As soon as we were finished with the first tape we had already been working on the second, eventually titled Peace Monkey Flimp tapePeace Monkey Flimp. Yes we decided to actually start a new tape rather than keep adding onto the old one.Attacking the ghost house. Now with a steady lineup of Paul on drums, jonbobby mcfee on bass, Reuben on guitar and Robbie on vocals, we really started cranking out the hits, and nearly learned how to play our instruments in the process. We pretended we were actually a real band, and made a whole 90 minute tape of songs that sound pretty much all exactly the same. If you are a fan of Caroliner you will probably hate this tape but it reminds me of Caroliner anyway. It is our own brand of sub-garage cheese-punk. It includes the smash hits "butthole" and "pancakes and broccoli", which are so good it is hard to believe that they actually exist, and "the pigs lizard" which is the earliest evidence of jonbobby mcfee's incredible slap bass technique. It was released in December of 1995 which is misleading since it was released in November of 1995. Again the "price" was $2 but many were given away. If you are wondering why it is called "Peace Monkey Flimp", you have what it takes to be in a band because we also wonder this same thing.

Then we got more creative and began using all of our voices again, trading off on lead vocals to give just the right feeling for each song. Actually the reason we did it was that we purchased a four-track tape recorder, but that didn't happen until halfway through the recording of songs for the classic Circus MaggotsCircus Maggots tape, which includes our big hit "Conceited" and 49 other tunes that are all worth hearing, I swear. We also attempted to capitalize on the "gothic" craze with a scary skull on one side of the cover. The tape was released in October of 1996 and is still a hot seller to this day. Keep in mind that a hot seller in terms of the Piz means two people each bought one in the same week once. For the recording of this tape we used every instrument in our possession (except our beloved slide whistle, sadly stolen by pink napkins of the future), including a really big organ, a baritone saxophone and a piece of paper, and we also got a new bucket bringing the total up to three. If you have doubts about the quality of this album, or just want more information, be sure to read the reviews of it (and other Piz classics).The Piz on a couch with a stuffed killer whale. We raised the price to "$3 or 'best offer'" for this amazing musical experience. We could have made a lot of money on this (not really) but ended up giving most of the tapes away again. It includes a guest appearance by Josh of the amazing punk band The Fifis (later known as No Offense. Reuben is also rumored to have had something to do with this band once), and also Jake, inventor of the wonderful instrument called the jizake. Then shortly after the release of this tape, in November of 1996 came the onset of the Piz homepage that we all know and love, yes this very one you are at right now.

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