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The Piz. Photo source unknown.


The last-minute Piz tape finished just before Reuben left for the University of South Dakota (major in physics, minor in music) is called blsjnlsbalwivbalvblsjnlsbalwivbalv tape and features one side of original Piz tunes, mostly composed of old unfinished musical parts thrown together with old unused lyrics. Features the beautiful acoustic guitar song, "the swirly maker," which uses lyrics taken from a mysterious yellow piece of paper found at the mall while it was closed and all that was there was a single car with its headlight broken on the top part of the parking thing and yellow alien smiley face ball heads hanging from the ceiling beneath the parking thing. These balls also emitted high-pitched sounds at random times. Stuck on at the end of side one are some live songs and the amazing jazz version of "no." It's good! Now the other side of the 90 minute tape is 100% cover songs. The Piz cover Green Day, Bauhaus, Metallica, Sockeye, the Beatles, Puke Ass, Nirvana, Clutch, Concrete Blonde, the Cranes, Weezer, some other stuff and of course Marilyn Manson. Some new instruments were used on this album, such as a fast-forwarding tape and scary distorted keyboard.

Reuben's side-project in South Dakota, the Happy Happy Happys, made an album about astronomy called Turnoff Point tapeTurnoff Point. One copy was released in May 1998.

The Piz played a show at The Drainage Pipe on July 23, 1998. They played over 45 songs for more than 2 hours. Everyone who attended this show is now dead. The first live appearance of the pizinator and many classic Piz songs. One of the best piz shows ever. Greg and James were the opening band. They played two songs.

The Piz played a show at Missy's house on August 7, 1998. Reuben broke a string on the third song or so, and he had to use Josh's guitar so it would "sound better". That is a very bad sign for a show. The worst Piz show ever.

For a show at Steve's house on August 16, 1998, the Piz played countless versions of the smash-hit "officer bobby," including a death metal version and a reggae version. This was done because according to some sources, the only song anyone wants to hear is "officer bobby" so we thought that perhaps after hearing "the officer bobby blues," a jazz interpretation, "officer bobby's dead," and a heartfelt ballad version, they might reconsider.

On August 22, 1998, the Puke Ass CDPuke Ass album finally appears, with some guitar playing and mumbling and cover art by Reuben Vinal of the Piz. Also around this time, the Piz may have played a secret, unplanned show at Jon's house. The Piz played almost 100% requests, including never-before-performed-live songs such as "Psychedelic Song," "you die tonight," and "tom can't square dance."

June-August 1998: all previous Piz tapes "digitally remastered" and released on compact disc format with bonus tracks.

The unlikely new Piz album Spezielle kratzfeste Oberfläche CDSpezielle kratzfeste Oberfläche ("special scratch-free surface") was finished and released on Compact Disc on September 12, 1998. New instruments introduced on this album include a cereal bowl with spoon, a banjo, a cornet, MIDI computer music, an acoustic guitar which is impossible to tune, a "real" bass drum and "real" toms, and somebody's (?) "metal zone" distortion pedal. Lyrics are beginning to be written only for the fact that they contain forms of food that were not previously mentioned in Piz songs. It is discovered that the Piz is not a real band but rather a collection of instruments that spontaneously play themselves.

September-December 1998: the Piz are played in heavy rotation on Robot Food91.1 KAOR, the station of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. Plate & Dr. Rectangle's famous show, Robot Food, played the Piz especially many times.

The long-awaited Elderly Landscapes tapeElderly Landscapes compilation was in released October of 1998. It features the Piz songs "larry's park" and "death of a pencil."