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The Piz.


The Piz appears on the Pokey / Marlins split tapePokey / Marlins split tape from Insane Records with the song "Florida Marlins of Doom" (previously unreleased). Twisted Sock also appears with their previously unreleased only song that has ever been released, "Gnos Snilram." This fine cassette is available from Insane Records for only $2.

Due to corporate restructuring, as of April 9, 2000, Mr. Salty Publishing will no longer be offering Piz material in their catalog. All Piz material will now be distributed exclusively by Slowly the Ghost Records. We are confident that this transition will go smoothly because nobody ever buys any Piz material anyway. Mr. Salty Publishing will continue to offer fine recordings from Puke Ass and, someday, Hopkend.

The Piz at the Drainage Pipe.The Piz played a show at the Drainage Pipe on June 29th, 2000. Since jonbobby mcfee's replacement robot does not function properly, Chris had to play bass which meant that Paul had to come back to life to play the drums. It also meant that Reuben had to cut off the end of his thumb the night before the show. Not really, but he did anyway. This show happened because The Torch Marauder was coming to town to play with the Piz, in his first appearance in the Western United States. Indeed he did play, and it was very memorable. The show began with the new band "Maxo," who were followed by the Torch Marauder, who was followed by the Piz, who played, among other things, "my name is sussssy" correctly for the first time since it was recorded. Piz t-shirts were made especially for the occasion, and all of them were sold by the end of the night. Tickets were $20,000 in advance or $0 at the door. Nobody paid in advance.

A "new" Piz album was officially released on September 9th, 2000. The stagnant river Nothing CDIt is a collection of all the moments when we talk to each other and say things like "is it recording?" and "how do we start?" in between recorded songs. The album is 74 minutes and 99 tracks long and features material from all Piz albums from Peace Monkey Flimp to Snow Pants (i.e. not including Insert Piz Here->—that stuff is even worse and may get an album of its own). This album would have been released several months earlier but the title was not decided. The stagnant river Nothing was the first suggestion and became the official title because all the other titles we thought of are too good to waste on something like this.

It was discovered that a Piz song appeared on Broken Notes, a site which [used to be] some sort of guide to bad music on the internet. According to this site, which featured the song "chocolate dinner" on October 29, 2000, they are "not sure" whether we are intentionally or unintentionally bad. This notice will serve to proclaim once and for all that there should be no doubt that we are very intentionally bad.