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The Piz with 'Nightshot.'Between the recording of Snow Pants (December 1999) and August 2001, jonbobby mcfee was not in town, so new song recording went slowly. A few crappy and some okay songs were done without him and he did visit over the summer. In August he returned and made it possible to quickly finish an album which came to be called Diverse Uniform. In a bizarre song-naming frenzy, all the songs ended up with oxymoronic titles. Diverse Uniform was officially released at a birthday party/Piz show which happened on October 30th. Many (13) copies of the album were sold. Some may find it interesting that this is the first album without jonjohnny mcfee singing any songs. The cover art is made by bobbobby mcfee rather than jonjohnny mcfee, and the album introduces chrisbobjonjohnnybobby mcfee as Diverse Uniform CD an official member of the Piz. (do these fake names mean anything to anybody?). This album may be more "serious" than previous albums, but that is for the "critics" to determine. The previously mentioned show seemed to be okay. Many new songs were performed. And there was a "real" opening band, Britney's Peers.

Playing 'Straight Up' at Liz's birthday party.On November 30th, we played a show for Liz's birthday party. We tried not to let the funk completely take over. The show ended with a cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" which we haven't really attempted since it didn't go on Peace Monkey Flimp in 1995. Needless to say, it was stupid, but then we did "Sweet Home Alabama" which is the worst song we could think of for us to do. I guess we played a lot of our own songs too. Britney's Peers played after us. They are punk.

The next day, we didn't play at the Velvet Tea Garden.