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On February 8th there was The Piz not playing 'Officer Bobby.'a show, apparently for no particular reason or event. We played the real version of "Cornwallis in the Fray," including the noise parts. We played some of our newest songs, such as "Space Cows," (M.C. Hammer) "Space Zombies," and "Zombie Anti-guns." This was also the first appearance of the Sun Mate Walkie-Talkie, and a plastic hammer to help bobbobby mcfee sing faster.

On June 27th we played at The Piz at Jake's house.Jake's birthday party. We managed to practice for about an hour before the show, which probably didn't make much difference other than letting us change the songs so that they have to do with Jake, i.e. "Panjake and Jakelli," "Coconut Jake," "Jacob's Park," and "A Bunch of Jakes." We also used a theremin and a homemade guitar.

We played at The Piz at Greg's house.Greg's house on August 29th. Half the band didn't know we were playing until the same day. We didn't practice or prepare in any way, so we had to rely on the audience to remind us of songs that we may have once known how to play. They weren't much help this time. We did, however, remember to do "My Bucket." I don't remember anything else because I'm writing this much later than I usually do for some reason. Either I forgot to do it at the right time or I forgot how to do it at the right time.

Near the end of December, Wrongtastic CDWrongtastic was finished. This album may be better than our last one. The booklet probably has more entertaining junk in it, but to see any of it, you'll have to buy a copy. We lost about a billion dollars this year from people downloading our songs from the Internet. Though some special advance copies were distributed, Wrongtastic was officially released at a The Piz forgetting seven and a half years worth of songsNew Year's Eve party that we played at. The major highlight of our set at this show was probably a version of "butthole" with Jeremy rapping Cypress Hill lyrics. Other than that, it was the usual garbage, with a few attempts at new songs.