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old news


- The Tucson Mountain Bushwhackers are working on a CD. Listen to the song.


- Wrongtastic is on sale for $5. What were you waiting for?


- Wrongtastic is on sale for $1. What are you waiting for?


- We played a show two hours ago. If I had known we were playing tonight, I would have announced it here ahead of time, and you still wouldn't have been there.


- We played a show two days ago. You can't go to it, because it already happened. It was a "surprise" birthday party for Jake, and a "surprise" show for us.


- Do you want to buy some expensive Piz merchandise, but you don't want us to get any money from it? Go to our useless CafePress store.


- It is now possible to purchase Piz CDs through Slowly the Ghost Records, with a "PayPal" shopping cart system. Please use this to move as many funds as possible from your credit card or bank account directly to us.


- Nothing new will probably ever happen, so I'll just say that in a certain amount of time this website will become better and more interesting. But for now you can help write a story.


- Our show on New Year's Eve will be really good. I don't know where it is going to be, but you do. So come listen to us try to play our songs and then you can give us money for our new cd which is also really good (giving us money is good; the cd isn't that good). (Just kidding. The cd is NUMBER ONE.).


- The latest Piz album, Wrongtastic, is virtually finished. The cover art is not finalized yet, but for those of you who are insane, you can read all the lyrics and download the title track.


- We are playing a show on December 31st at a place. Our new album will be released at that time also.


- To generate excitement and anticipation, Insert Piz Here-> is announcing that our next album is tentatively titled Wrongtastic and will be released by the end of this year.


- The remastered collector's edition of the zid will be "released" today, meaning that I decided it's done and if anybody wants one, he or she will be able to get one. It has been carefully reassembled from the four-track tapes, and is designed to sound like the original except way better. It comes with a full, boring booklet instead of an empty, boring, pageless cover. Other than that, it's exactly the same and I bet an otter wouldn't know the difference. This will be the first of the classic Piz albums to be re-released.


- We played a show yesterday, but who cares now?


- Here is more information which seems to have appeared too late to help anyone know more about the show. On second thought, perhaps it would be misleading to call this "information."


- There will be a Piz show on Thursday, June 27th for Jake's birthday. More information may appear later.
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