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Insert Piz Here-> is an imaginary band located in the imaginary city of Tucson. If you are weird and/or like weird music, try some of ours. Listen to some on the sounds page and then learn more about albums on the discography page or do it the other way around. If you already have Piz albums, why not add a review of them on the reviews page? Or perhaps you want to learn more about us than what is written here; try the q & a, history, or personnel pages, whichever is appropriate. If you're here to read some litter-ature, the link is now over on the left. If you're trying to obtain a recording of the Piz, visit the contact information page or go to our record label, Slowly the Ghost Records. If you like this site, or more accurately, if you hate this site, try our links to go somewhere else. If you just want to see the big Piz logo again, click here. There are other things you could do besides what is mentioned here. For example, try turning off your computer and eating it.

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