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Unimportant Piz Non-news

(Acutal news here)

2/8/2 - Our show today wiss be at around 7:30 p.m. so don't miss it, especially if you won't be there.

2/7/2 - We have a show tomorrow (Friday, February 8th). Watch for updates!!!!!!!

2/3/2 - We didn't play on February 1st!!! Yee-haw!!

1/25/2 - The Piz—> may be playing at a birthday party somewhere on February 1st.

1/9/2 - Why is this the second-most-viewed page on the whole Piz—> web site?

12/1/1 - Now there is no show today because the Velvet Tea Garden closed.

11/22/1 - In addition to playing on November 30th at a house, we will also be playing the next day (December 1st) at the Velvet Tea Garden. Both shows will also feature Britney's Peers.

11/20/1 - The Piz will be playing on the 30th. 

11/12/1 - I hear we have been invited to be the "house band" for the Velvet Tea Garden and play there "every night."

10/31/1 - Now it appears that we won't be playing tonight since we don't know where and maybe we don't even want to.

10/30/1 - I hear that we are playing on the 31st but we don't know where. Our new album is being released at our show tonight. Show up and get your copy. You might hate it!

10/25/1 - Apparently we're not playing on the 31st or so says a note stuck to my car door. It also says "thorax."

10/21/1 - Not only are we playing a show on the 30th, but also on the 31st.

10/9/1 - Show on the 30th will be a birthday party for a person and also an event at which we release our new album (hopefully). The show will be at a house in Tucson. If you want to be there you probably will whether I write this or not. If you read this and happen to be someone who does not know more about it than I do, then send an e-mail and you will get information about how to be at this event. Today we made a song called "Froglet Eat Me." I guess we decided on a title for the album, but that's a secret.

9/29/1 - I heard a rumor that we are playing a show on October 30th. Stay "tuned" for more information.

9/1/1 - Even more Piz songs have been finished. The eagerly awaited return of jonbobby mcfee has helped us finish several songs and now a show should happen at some point.

8/2/1 - Yesterday a few new Piz songs were finished. Maybe an album will come out. We are discussing the possibility of Piz shows in the near future.

6/3/1 - I have decided to start recording the date on my "news postings" sort of like like the professional websites do, now that I updated the entire site, putting everything into these same boring rectangles. Mostly nothing was added besides the rectangles, but there are a few surprises here and there for those who look around (i.e. nobody). Maybe someone has noticed this, but once the news here gets old enough not to matter anymore, it usually ends up on the history page, which is about 50 billion miles long now. Who cares?