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About the authors

"parned stories by Hieronymus and the pizard"

The word "parned" is a word which came about to describe a story which is written by two or more people in sequence. It is not in the dictionary and if it ever ends up there it will probably have nothing to do with its meaning here. These parned stories started happening for some reason right here on the internet with the lizard of the Piz, the pizard, and some guy calling himself Hieronymus. This is supposed to be about the authors, so it must be said that these two are absolute geniuses.

The first internet appearance of the pizard consisted of the pizard telling everyone in an AOL chat room that "you drink the head pretzel," but we stopped that because we didn't want people to think that we were religious. The next appearance involved someone named "anne," a.k.a "lame monkey anne," whose vocabulary was made up only of various spellings of the word "wassup!!!" and what else is there to say to that but to ask if she is a monkey and when she still says "wassup," to say "you are lame monkey anne." After that I continued to pollute the internet myself as the pizard (look here for recent garbage).

Hieronymus does not have anything to do with the Piz except that he lives in California, and most members of the Piz have been to the state of California. I know his real name but I'm not telling you.

"parned stories by the pizard and Pirate Bob"

Pirate Bob also has a real name which I will not tell you. He lives in Florida which has nothing to do with the Piz because as far as I know, none of us have been to the state of Florida. Pirate Bob did, however, once have a web page that said that the Piz was the coolest band in the world. That is true, by the way.

Parned stories with Pirate Bob came slightly later than those with Hieronymus but there are more of them. Maybe some of them are better.

"parned stories by miscellaneous or anonymous authors"

For now this seems to mean that I don't remember who wrote the story or perhaps one of the co-authors didn't want to be identified and I forgot about that too, or I didn't want to make a category with only one thing in it.

The miscellaneous or anonymous author called Belle is from Australia. That is enough information.

"poetry by Reuben Vinal"

Reuben Vinal is "me," the person who makes this web site and also happens to be the "commander," or "king," if you will, of the Piz. Things that I write that are poems may actually resemble crap. I write them as experiments in stupidness or to "poke fun" at more serious poetry.

"poetry by Richard Thomas, famous poet"

I will give away a secret here to the zero people who will read this. Richard Thomas and Steve Johnson are imaginary poets, cooked up one day in the early days of the Piz, in the "song" called "Eli's poem" (available on the Insert Piz Here->CD) where two guys with English accents are supposedly discussing poetry:

"I believe that poetry is the very essence of our culture"
"Why yes, I've always enjoyed the work of Steve Johnson"
"Yes, Johnson, he's very good, but my favorite is Richard Thomas"
"Really... I've never read any of his works..."

So who, then, writes the amazing poems of Richard Thomas? Don't ask me—ask an ask pop.

"poetry by Steve Johnson"

The difference between Steve Johnson and Richard Thomas is that Johnson works with poetry in forms, while Thomas writes things that are actually good. That is my opinion, by the way. It is also your opinion.

"poetry by miscellaneous and anonymous authors"

These miscellaneous and anonymous authors have nothing to do with the aforementioned miscellaneous and anonymous authors. The authors here include such outstanding literary figures as "a poet" and "another poet."