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the factory

the factory
by Pirate Bob and the pizard

Morning. In the morning Jimmy Blackheart would go to the factory to feed the machine his soul. He took six buses and six trains and always ended up where he started. In the soot colored sky he would look at clouds and imagine what they would feel like.

jimmy took out an orange and didn't eat it twice, but three times. then he thought he might look at the clouds some more, he imagined that they would feel like a tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or perhaps a nickel

He wanted to wrap himself up in the clouds and stop the shivers. His black boots tramped down the halls of dingy corridors of the factory. Dirt clung to the walls like a monkey to a banana. In the corner of his eye, Jimmy noticed a sudden movement.

sudden movements frightened him terribly, he started to run...after awhile he stopped, and realized he had no idea where he was...all the halls of the huge factory looked the same....jimmy didn't know what to do. he started to panic

He clawed at the air and screamed. Then he realized how foolish he must look and stopped. He looked back down the hall and saw a shadow dart into the darkness of steam and coal. Jimmy reached into his pocket pulled out some lint and let it fall to the ground.

and as it fell, so did all jimmy's hopes of ever getting out of the factory alive...jimmy thought, "i am going to die, i am going to die!" but jimmy wasn't really going to die, not yet...he was just a very odd guy who thought things like that sometimes....especially at times when he feels that someone is following him, as he felt now, because someone was.

The hairs on Jimmy's neck stood up and he began to shake. Then he realized he was being electrocuted so he moved away from the generator. He heard a strange scuttling sound behind him. When he turned around he could barely see through the darkness and thick steam, but there it was!

yes there all covered in soot stood absolutely nothing. "WHAT IS GOING ON!!??!" asked jimmy. but his question went unanswered, since there was no one there to answer it. well, no one except old pete, who was deaf.

And then there was Dave, but he couldn't very well answer having no face. Jimmy knew that there had to be something following him. So he decided to ask if anything was following him. "Is anything following me?" a booming voice replied "NO!"

jimmy at first wondered where it came from...he looked at pete and dave, but it was not them of course...then he remembered that one of the machines in the factory made a loud booming sound, that could sound similar to "NO!"....but he still felt that something was following him...he walked a few steps, and he heard something behind him...a sort of metallic, dragging sound....then he realized that his pants were down and his belt was dragging on the floor. so he pulled tham up.

He suddenly grew itchy. He scratched at his head and felt a spot which had not been there earlier. It felt like a mouth on the back of his head. It had teeth and lips. It bit him.

then before jimmy could think about what was happening, pete and dave started running towards him with pieces of scrap metal..."he's a freak, get him" they said. jimmy ran the opposite way but not for long, he immediately found himself face to face with a large man dressed all in black, or perhaps a really dark pink...he recognized this as the man who was following him. the man bellowed, "hey you dropped your wallet back there. i took the money but here's the wallet." jimmy took it and didn't complain, then he went back to thinking about the clouds...yes, the nice, nice clouds....

the end