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another poem

another poem
by another poet

crossing the street
lie on top of dented pick-up top parked in passing lane
because the last lane to cross is solid with moving cars.
possessive pinch-faced with long grey-white fake nails
tightly-curled beehive hair sneer blue dress i draw
she takes my hand and pinches it like her face
i wince--her cutting nails . . .
she takes me to where i want to go
i then realize that it's bad part of town
policeman pulling away in the parking lot
glad he doesn't know about me and the car in the middle of the road for days
woman in window talks of weiterschhitnesd--a color.
i ask if it's plum thinking Balderdash
seems we're bonding right away
she says it's the color of (hush hush) TVs
she's weird and nice so i invite her into the back seat of the van
plus there's apparently a rabid rabbit out on the asphalt
blue dress woman doesn't seem to want to let her in . . . possessive of me
i ask if it's okay
rabid rabbit bites the woman getting in
just as i shut the door,
the rabbit bites me on the right index finger--almost to the bone . . .
the rabbit i want to rip off its head
i try, but only rip off his ears
its whiskers are really thick . . . like bone . . . yellowed, scaly.
it has brown fur.
the rabbit later sits there and seems spent, dying, listless.
i wonder when the policeman is coming, the animal control people . . .
now i wonder why we spent the rest of the time just watching the rabbit die.