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Mr. Alias Challenge

Win Mr. Alias Pro. Deadline: June 7th 2009. The contest is closed for entries. See the KVR thread for more information.

About the prizes:

Mr. Alias Pro

Exclusive features in Mr. Alias Pro include:

  • Better-sounding "Pro" GUI with realistic wood sides
  • Integrated MIDI keyboard - play with mouse or QWERTY keys (right-click to hold a note)
  • Modulation of internal parameters from audio input, envelopes, etc
  • Glide and Retrigger for legato playing in Mono mode
  • Set each oscillator to a constant pitch, ignoring MIDI note value
  • New bank of patches
  • And much more! (not really)

The 1st prize is a copy of Mr. Alias Pro. The 2nd prize is also a copy of Mr. Alias Pro. The 3rd prize is a copy of Mr. Alias Pro with minor cosmetic defects. The 4th prize is a professionally cursed copy of Mr. Alias Pro.

The entries:

This is the final list of entries.

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Final standings:

1st prize:

07. for Mr Alias by Ryu

Great song, possibly my favorite of the contest. Disqualified for the use of guitar and vocals. In case you can't understand Japanese, this is what he told me about the lyrics:

About the lyrics.
I cannot translate it precisely.
The rough meaning is as follows.

"The world overflows with noises.
Therefore it is difficult to find out a melody.
It is hard to sing, but it is pain to hear too."

It is not a lyric with the great meaning......

18. utoaom (uninspired torture of an overwhelmed machine) by noizetronic

Great sounds in this one, including some of the best Mr. Alias drum sounds I've heard.

16. pized by ghola1was

I like how different this is from the other entries. To me this proves that Mr. Alias can be used for serious music.

11. Do you like Green Beans too? by The Phylogenetic Harmoniums

Way cool song. Another one of my favorites. And of course I like green beans.

10. aliasalien by blortblort

Definitely a highlight of the competition for me. Some awesome sounds, and they keep changing so it stays interesting.

2nd prize:

05. Smooth Analog Warmth by AuthenticDan

Enjoyable, funny. I especially like the second part with the arpeggios.

04. liizaploop by SIGHUP

Crackly and annoying sounds. Very nice.

15. I got the Mucus in me by tattiemannie

Nice song. Makes me want to play an old video game, maybe the Mega Man series.

09. Aliasling by runagate

I'm guessing this would be unlistenable to some people, but it's right up my alley. I like the use of automation and the "explosion" sounds near the end.

3rd prize:

02. Deadliner by Jon Boyd

Catchy. Disqualified for the question mark in the forum post ("Deadline?").

03. Planet of the Slippermen by Aka

Surprisingly "normal" musical sounds here, so plus 100000 points. Almost sounds like a guitar. Also, it reminds me a little of The Residents, circa The Commercial Album (one of my favorites).

06. Sister Malias by RunBeerRun

Menacing, mind-numbing music for your enemies. I'm fond of this one.

17. rainbeaker by Batman Flower Flower

Very unsettling sounds under the chimes. Not bad.

4th prize:

08. MrA2 by djsubject

Only 9 seconds long, but can be played in a loop forever. Not very annoying as far as Mr. Alias music goes.

14. RG_IOY by Ja.x

Some interesting sounds in there. Nice mellow, yet creepy, tune.

01. alias bitch by datapark

Deduction of 7000000 points for putting reverb on Mr. Alias. I like it.

13. Mucus was my First Love by Tattiemannie

Cool bassline. Good drum sounds too. Perhaps a little too techno for me.

29th prize:

12. The Triumph of Our Souls in the Valley of Our Debts by AuthenticDan

Ridiculously long and irritating, really enhances the ambiguity of the seriousness of the contest. Even if this was a joke entry, it was obviously made with Mr. Alias, so it counts, unlike AuthenticDan's first joke entry.

Songs are Copyright © 2009 their respective creators.

Download Mr. Alias 2

Each download includes the user's manual. Source code is available separately (see below).
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