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Mr. Alias Pro 2.4

Mr. Alias Pro

Mr. Alias Pro is a fully professional software synthesizer which exploits the properties of digital audio to achieve extremely bad sounds. It is an essential instrument for the digital purist, building on Mr. Alias 2 and adding some professional features.

Mr. Alias Pro is available as a VST plugin for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and as an Audio Unit for Mac OS X.

Exclusive features in Mr. Alias Pro include:

  • Better-sounding "Pro" GUI with realistic wood sides
  • Skinnable
  • Auto Randomizer
  • Integrated MIDI keyboard - play with mouse or QWERTY keys (right-click to hold a note)
  • Modulation of internal parameters from audio input, envelopes, oscillators, etc
  • Extra assignable envelope and two LFOs
  • Glide and Retrigger for legato playing in Mono mode
  • Set each oscillator to a constant pitch, ignoring MIDI note value
  • 2 more banks of patches
  • Drawable waveforms (also load/save wav files)
  • And much more! (not really)

Everything from Mr. Alias 2 is also included:

  • 2 oscillators
  • 18 waveforms
  • Full stereo processing
  • 6 filter types including a formant filter
  • Filter envelope
  • External audio processing (no need to hire Butch Vig)
  • Patch randomizer button
  • Highly configurable MIDI control with MIDI learn
  • MIDI-controllable patch morphing
  • "Amateur" bank of 128 presets
  • Drag & drop preset and MIDI map loading

Complete information can be found in the User's Manual.


Each download includes Mr. Alias Pro, the user's manual, three banks of patches, some extra waveforms, and three skins. Mr. Alias Pro operates in Demo mode until it is registered with a license key.

Demo limitations:
1. An box annoyingly bounces around the GUI. It links to this page if you click on it.
2. On Tuesdays, parameters change themselves at random while the GUI is showing.

Windows VST (32-bit)
Windows VST (64-bit)
Windows Standalone

Mac OS X Standalone

Linux VST


2012-08-22: Mac AU and Mac VST updated to version 2.4.2 for 64-bit support.

2011-09-24: 64-bit Windows version officially released.

2011-09-02: Experimental 64-bit Windows version is available for testing.

2011-03-27: First Linux version of Mr. Alias Pro released.

2011-03-22: Xenos Soundworks has released the Chaos Theory soundbank for Mr. Alias Pro, with 100 new sounds, available as "Pay What You Like" donationware. Check it out!

2010-12-29: Updated Mr. Alias Pro AU FX version to version 2.4.1 to fix validation error.

2009-12-16: Updated Mr. Alias Pro to version 2.4 (see change log).

2009-11-16: Insert Piz Here has a new official forum at KVR.

2009-09-30: Updated Mr. Alias Pro to version 2.3.

2009-09-13: Updated Mr. Alias Pro to version 2.25.

2009-09-11: Updated Mr. Alias Pro to version 2.2.

2009-09-01: Updated Mr. Alias Pro to version 2.1.

2009-06-21: Released Mr. Alias Pro to Mr. Alias Challenge winners.

2009-05-22: Released version 2.02.

2009-05-18: Mr. Alias 2 was featured in Computer Music 138.

2009-05-03: Take the Mr. Alias Challenge!

2009-03-16: Released version 2.01 with performance improvements and various minor bug fixes.

2009-01-16: Fixed a problem with GUI refresh after changing presets.

2009-01-14: There was a problem with AU validation in the original upload ("Morph" needed to be declared a "meta parameter"). This is now fixed, so download it again if your version fails validation.

"mr alias 2: the kid with so many digital wrinkles!" - uncle waka x

Example Sounds

Made with only Mr. Alias 2/Pro, no other processing. Minimal sequencing or live playing with automation of a few parameters. Not to be enjoyed or interpreted as "music," this is rather just a demonstration of what Mr. Alias sounds like.
Mr. Alias Pro:
pro.mp3 (1:52)
ProRandom.mp3 (2:24)
Mr. Alias 2:
demo1.mp3 (0:48)
1.mp3 (0:40)
2.mp3 (0:45)
morph.mp3 (0:46)
mralias2.mp3 (0:45)
probswingalias.mp3 (0:32)
hammerklavier.mp3 (6:40)
alias 5002.mp3 (0:32)
mralias2ooo.mp3 (0:08)
Mr.mp3 (0:48)


Each download includes the user's manual. Source code is available separately (see below). Donate to unlock the Demo!
Windows x86 VST
Windows x64 VST
Windows Standalone
Mac OS X Standalone
Linux VST


Xenos Soundworks, "Chaos Theory"


User's Manual
C++ source code
todo list
change log


Official forum at KVR
KVR database entry
Mr. Alias Challenge 2009
Mr. Alias 2
Mr. Alias 1

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