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Robbie - Vocals

here is robbie in his proverbial "own words" (this was written one thousand billion years ago):

Photo: Robbie with organrobbie is one of the many wonders of the world. one thing secret about him is that he is an enlightened
amish man. he takes this with great pride and honor. he has studied many years of the mighty head pretzel, and has learned much from the undersea creatures of the depts. one of his great hobbies is learning how to spell things right. he has been a very bad speller all his life and someday hopes to learn how to spell "garbonzo bean" cerectyl. robbie has a baby on the way (due late feburary, early march). the babies name is sage james, he takes great ride in this. what are his pasttimes you ask......... he likes to many things in his spare time, such as tossing the old woman across the street and of course playing with his swammie. what is a swammie, only i know. ok, thats enough talking about my self, thanks for visiting our website...........
"fight the square."