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W.E. Festival May 28 1999

Photo: Reuben with envelope window vest

Set list:

01. johnny & the platypus
02. you taste dead
03. The Orange Boat Apple Circus
04. jacket, the brown
05. A bunch of jocks
06. coconut juice
07. the scary towne
08. Little Sally
09. Mr. Dog
10. My Wardrobe & Dinner
11. Amber
12. larry's park
13. on the boat
14. butthole/chocolate dinner
15. Mr. Dead
16. pancakes and broccoli
17. tuning song
18. i am the sunset
19. rat friend
20. the swirly maker
21. the fires of life
22. straight up (bloody pus)

Photo: Green Piz Photo: Glockenspiel

"Drew Moore, Negative Nancy, PIZ, Cropduster and Notch all played however, I can't tell you much about any of the bands. I do remember that Negative Nancy, Piz and Cropduster were really great and that the whole night seemed to be one of the funniest times I've had in quite a long while."

from Mutant Renegade #12 (full article)