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You can use the pizmidi.ini file to customize the loading of Insert Piz Here MIDI plugins. Usually this is not needed, because the plugins automatically configure themselves to work in hosts with any known particular needs. The options are explained within the default content of the file (which is included in the pizmidi plugin collection):

; pizmidi settings
; This file belongs in the same directory as the pizmidi VST plugin files.
; You can customize the loading of the plugins for different hosts.
; The host name is the one reported by the host via getHostProductString().
; If the host reports nothing, put "host=unknown".
; The "bottom octave=n" setting is for octave numbering in plugins which display note names. 
; This sets the displayed number for the lowest octave (containing MIDI note 0). 
; Options are:
; force inst
; force effect
; audio outs
; audio ins
; no audio outs
; no audio ins
; bottom octave=n
; Default settings, put these first:

force inst
audio ins
audio outs
bottom octave=-2

; Then set per host if needed with "host="
; Example:
;force effect
;no audio outs
;no audio ins