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Psychotropolis March 14 1997


Set list:

1. johnny & the platypus
2. Big Banana Generation
3. A bunch of jocks
4. 12 lb. Pork Chop
5. pancakes and broccoli (appears on the educational album)
4. Cop Man
7. Anti-Drug Song
8. ???

After that, no record exists, but these are the other songs we planned on playing:
jacket, the brown
The Monkey Song
reuben doesn't like that title (ponytail escalator)
Too Many Pancakes
Rent-a-Cop Bob
rat friend
Dope Hat

We probably didn't play all of these. Since "jacket" and "Monkey" were scheduled to be between "Pork" and "broccoli," we may have skipped them entirely or temporarily. Of the other songs, I definitely remember playing "Rent-a-Cop Bob," and there is a recording of part of "Butthole" so maybe we played it. Further research may uncover more accurate information. We definitely played "the cow song," like the one on blsjnlsbalwivbalv.