Slowly the Ghost Records
Artist: Insert Piz Here—>
Band: Insert Piz Here—>
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The Piz—> have been an almost-real band since 1995. Of their 14 releases available from Slowly the Ghost, the first seven (left column, below) were originally released on cassette. These are considered the "classics," And are being digitally remastered one by one from the original four-track tapes. The latter seven, conceived for the Compact Disc medium, branch out even further in the field of intelligent musical stupidity.

Slowly the Ghost releases:

Insert Piz Here->
(August 1995, 90 min.)
$15.00 (2CD)
Spezielle kratzfeste Oberfläche
(September 1998, 74 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
Peace Monkey Flimp
(December 1995, 90 min.)
$15.00 (2CD)
Officer Bobby / the b-side
(February 1999, 60 min.)
$8.00 (CD)
Circus Maggots
(October 1996, 90 min.)
$15.00 (2CD)
Return to Stupidland
(September 1999, 74 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
the zid
(March 1997, re-released November 2002, 60 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
Snow Pants
(December 1999, 28 min.)
$8.00 (CD)
the educational album
(September 1997, 60 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
The stagnant river Nothing
(September 2000, 74 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
The Bloody One
(October 1997, 90 min.)
$15.00 (2CD)
Diverse Uniform
(October 2001, 80 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
(January 1998, 90 min.)
$15.00 (2CD)
(December 2002, 80 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
    The Single Most Important Event in the History of Music
(June 2012, 80 min.)
$10.00 (CD)
Special Deal?
We are considering making a deal by which someone could buy all the existing Piz releases as well as all future Piz releases for one low price (i.e. less than one hundred billion dollars). This may not be implemented until the remastering of the classic albums is complete, but feel free to ask if you need it sooner.