Slowly the Ghost Affiliated
Recording Artists:
Graquelrara A strange foreign band. Their only album, Furkjenn, has still not been released.
The Happy Happy Happys This is a Piz-related side project, the purpose of which was to produce Turnoff Point for an astronomy class.
Insert Piz Here—> The next important band representing the "real" underground, after the likes of Caroliner and Eeyore Power Tool.
PiLL TaLk A fake CD to be inserted into found CD-shaped promotional brochures.
Plate & Dr. Rectangle Improvisatory music, recorded live on  their internet radio show, pltoktijtuhtygt.
Razamātlan Continwm A "vocalese band" created to record a song for the Piz tribute album.
Redd Written, perfomed, and recorded August 18-19, 1998, and released in August 1986.
Soggy Pants & Diaper Swing A mail collaboration with Wheelchair Full of Old Men.
The Tucson Mountain Bushwhackers Dump George Bush.
Twisted Sock A scary "band," which may one day release a scary album.
You? ? If you send us music that we like, and both we and you agree that we want to be affiliated with you, we will be.