Turnoff Point

from The Happy Happy Happys.

Created as a project for Astronomy 201
Recorded January-April 1998

Reuben - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Cans, Glass and Plastic Bottles, Salsa Jar, Kazoo, Wooden Chair Leg, Razzle Blower, Notebook Spiral, Squirt® In Rings, Camera Film Canister, Folder, Drawers, Floor, Rolling Chair, Cassette Case, etc.

Kat - Background Vocals, Drums, Cans, Lap, Astronomy Book, Deflated Butterfly Balloon, Jar Lids, Metal Bedpost, Glass Jars, Kazoo, etc.


01. Plate Tectonics
02. Spiral Arms
03. Pulsars
04. The H-R Diagram
05. Life
06. Type I Supernova
07. Kepler's Laws
08. The Spectral Classes
09. Orion
10. Telescopes
11. Outer Space Blues
12. Water
13. The Moon
14. Black Hole
15. The Sun
16. Planetesimals
17. Eclipses
28. Mars
19. Wien’s Law
20. Electrons
21. Solar Prominence

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