Sound files:
deborah brandon & reuben vinal

time (3:54) from other*wise


Androge Cırlfluncte (2:16) from Furkjenn

The Happy Happy Happys

The Moon (1:11) from Turnoff Point

Insert Piz Here—>

Vote For Robbie (2:33) from Insert Piz Here->
pancakes and broccoli (1:05) from Peace Monkey Flimp
Evil Bob vs. Jerry (1:58) from Circus Maggots
johnny & the platypus (2:47) from the zid
my name is sussssy (take 1) (1:09) from the educational album
bloody spinal cords (2:10) from The Bloody One
i am the sunset (1:10 from blsjnlsbalwivbalv
Pomegranix 2000 (1:44) from Spezielle kratzfeste Oberfläche
Officer Bobby (LP version) (1:14) from Officer Bobby/the b-side
Disco Zombie (1:06) from Return to Stupidland
Ooo Ooo Christmastime (2:15) from Snow Pants
Track 49 (0:27) from The stagnant river Nothing
Accidental Purpose (1:32) from Diverse Uniform
Wrongtastic (1:27) from Wrongtastic


Well Tolerated Among Patients (1:31) from Is Estrostep® Right For You?

Plate & Dr. Rectangle

Culinary School (3:21) from The Best of pltoktijtuhtygt
A/S/L (1:24) from The Worst of pltoktijtuhtygt
Bedroom/Barn of Barf (2:52) from The Mediocre-est of pltoktijtuhtygt
I Love Pooping with the Animals (2:43) from The Hickest of pltoktijtuhtygt
Wake Up, Astronauts (2:43) from The 5thest of pltoktijtuhtygt

Razamàtlan Continwm

¿comó ser queso? (0:20) from Piz Tribute: A Tribute to the Piz


Sexy Girls (1:53) from It's Redd

Soggy Pants & Diaper Swing

Piss Out Fire (1:08) from Soggy Pants & Diaper Swing

The Tucson Mountain Bushwhackers

What Do You Do With A Stupid President? (3:50) from The Stupid President Album
Who Would Jesus Kill? (5:06) from The Megalomania Album