Slowly the Ghost Records
Slowly the Ghost Records does not actually produce records. We collect sounds of varying quality and distribute them in the form of magnetic tape cassettes and compact optical discs. Our Cantaloupe features many well-known recording artists such as Insert Piz Here->. Should one decide to want to obtain any or all of these cassettes or compact discs, one should visit the Cantaloupe and use the "Shopping Cart" to purchase our products online. For alternative methods of payment, one may send e-mail to Slowly the Ghost Records, and after an amount of time, Slowly the Ghost Records will contact one and inform one in matters of retrieving the aforementioned magnetic tape cassettes or compact optical discs. In addition, other types of merchandise, such as t-shirts, stickers, and blank slips of paper are currently in the Cantaloupe.

Some Slowly the Ghost Releases are also available in selected retail outlets*.


* No retail outlets are currently selected.