The Happy Happy Happys homepage.

The Happy Happy Happys are a "band" located in Vermillion, South Dakota at the University of South Dakota. They do not exist anywhere else, nor do they even exist at the University of South Dakota. However, with the new technology of the internet, it is now possible to send e-mail to people/things/entities that do not exist. E-mail the Happy Happy Happys now.

The Happy Happy Happys have recorded 24 songs so far. Three of them are covers of piz songs, namely "Pancakes & Broccoli," "My Name is Sussssy," and "On the Beet." Yes, they decided to change all the "o" sounds in "On the Boat" to "ee" sounds. Look for it on the Piz tribute cd, available from Mr. Salty Publishing.

Also available from the Happy Happy Happys is an album about astronomy called Turnoff Point.

The Happy Happy Happys consist of Reuben Vinal playing instruments such as pop cans, toy drums, cardboard boxes and his own corduroy pants. And a guitar. How boring, eh. The Happy Happy Happys are searching for a bassoonist. Actually this will be Reuben Vinal also. Turnoff Point features the delicate jar, bedpost, and background vocal stylings of the eager and willing guest musician, Kat Pukas.

The Happy Happy Happys have been featured on Plate & Dr. Rectangle's former radio show, Robot Food.

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