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Plate & Dr. Rectangle - The Best of pltoktijtuhtygt

The Best of pltoktijtuhtygt Volume 1 Visit the artist's website for this CD.
(September 1999, 90 min.) CT 2CD

$5.00 (2CD)

disc 1

01. Duckie
02. Boy who wanted to grow as tall as a cornstalk
03. 75% of the salsa is gone
04. When the muffins are done
05. Serenade the toaster
06. Conversation with my big toe
07. Uh-uh-uhh
08. He lived in a pumpkin
09. Antidote for hiccups = cheesecake
10. The microphone is growing hair
11. Out of the sewer
12. When you hit me over the head with a big dictionary
13. When I sing to the demo song
14. Fishie peed on me
15. Cut the grass with our teeth
16. This song sucks so bad
17. Culinary school
18. I had a lamp for a head
19. I got the blues (or somethin' like that)
20. Waltz with my toilet
21. I feel like I'm in the Chili Peppers
22. Song about bein' a hick
23. Well, y'know cheese is in cheesecake
24. Sound of the end of the world

disc 2

25. When I get a laser gun
26. Red & green
27. You dead!
28. I still want a laser gun!
29. Welcome to space
30. Guest appearance by Sting
31. Not smart crayons trouble song
32. Too sexy for gender
33. Bloody hell
34. Frank's toe's is a-boilin'
35. Song to put a model together with
36. I had a lamp for a head (radio mix)
37. The girl who smelled like cheese
38. Smelling people's toenails
39. Good down any pipe
40. Grampa's barn
41. Evil man with candy
42. Ate a plastic bag with somethin' inside it
43. Takin' my cigarette for a walk
44. This song rocks; ask my dog
45. Oh honey
46. This isn't a song about celery
47. Parakeet
48. I love my cow
49. Just another stupid love ballad