PiLL TaLk:

I S Estrostep®

(nonrethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, USP)

R I G H T    F O R    Y O U ?



1. An EXCELLENT CHOICE in female contraception
2. Estrostep® is 99.9% effective
3. Estrostep® works with your body
4. The Estrostep® approach to OC dosing
5. Well-tolerated among patients
6. Birth control pills offer benefits in addition to contraception
7. Side effects of birth control pills
8. Warning

Q & A
9. How do I know which birth control method is right for me?
10. Will I gain weight on the pill?
11. Does it mean I'm pregnant if I miss my period while I am on the pill?
12. Will taking the pill make it harder for me to get pregnant in the future?
13. Do I need to take a break from the pill?
14. Does the pill cause acne?
15. Can I take other medications while taking the pill?

16. Estrostep® may be the right choice for you


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