An actual quote from an actual fan:
and as far as redd goes, i LOVE IT! i listen to it all the time! Sexy girls is definitely a classic!!! love it!

EDD - It's Redd lyrics © Redd & Charles Vingleton

"Sexy Girls"

Ooo, kick it!
Ooo! Ah.
Mmmmmmm, here they come again, those Sexy Gi-irls!
They're comin'!
Sexy Girls, they have the right bounce
And you know what I mean!
A half a dozen S.G.'s just arrived on the scene!
Mmm, there's a cutie!
Sexy Girls, you know who you are!
Sexy Girls, they wear just a sports bra!
Mmm, ooo-hooo-hoo-hooo-hooo!
Look at that one, Redd!
Oh, I see 'er!
Sexy Girls, mmm-hmm-hmm!
Your hot pants are so tight!
Sexy Girls, uh-huh!
They make me feel so loose!
Sexy Girls, uh-huh!
Sexy Girls: the blonde, the brunette . . . which Girl should I choose?
The red!
I'M REDD! Sexy Girls are mine because I'm Redd!
Sexy Girls, you know who you are!
Sexy Girls, they wear just a sports bra!
Sexy Girls, here they come . . .

"Teach Me"

Teach me!
Teach me your ways!
Teach me!
I'm new at this sort of thing!
I've never done this sort of thing before—I'm a sensitive man!
Teach me—I'm Redd, red as an apple!
Teach me, I'll give you an apple
A nice red apple from your man Redd is hard to refuse
Teach me
The apple won't have a single worm or a single bruise—
Single? Why, I'm single!
Teach me—I'm Redd—
Reading! Writing! 'Rithmetic!
Oh, teach me!
Teach me please!

"Jackie Lucky"

Jackie Lucky
Lucky Jackie
Jackie Lucky
Jackie thought she was lucky
Just because the dice she rolled, they always rolled on the flat side, yeah
Oh Jackie, you're not so lucky!
Jackie liked to play those slots—ching, ching, ching, ching!
Jackie wasn't so lucky now!
Lucky Jackie
Silly Jackie
You're not so lucky
Bring your friend Redd
He's a stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!
Oh, Jackie, please?!
Let's play poker!
Come on, Jackie!
You know you wanna!
Hey, there's an ATM!
Hey, I think you won!!

"Mr. D.J."

Ooooh, Mr. D.J.
Mr. D.J. Mr. D.J. Mr. D.J.
Do the D and J stand for . . . UMM . . . Disc Jockey?!
Oh, hell no, Redd!
Who cares—the boy got beat!
Do the D and J stand for . . . Donut Juice?
Y'all know he's sweet!
How 'bout . . . Double Jip?
Oh, D.J.'d never cheat ya!!
Can I be Mrs. D.J.?!
Am I worthy of your beat that's sweet and doesn't cheat, Mr. D.J.?
Will you take me to be your awfully wedded Redd?
Wedded Redd!
I'll be a good Mrs. D.J., oh honey!
Mr. D.J.!

"Tears On My Pillow"

When I'm crying
And the tears fall
Onto my fifty-fifty polycotton pillow,
I'm sad and lonely
And gosh, people shouldn't treat a man like me so bad!
All the men, women, and children who've had relationships with me—
Even you, Bill Clinton!
I still have that dress
I gave it to my mom to keep.
Both of my moms.
It's blue.
The dress is blue—like I am now!
Damn you, Bill.
I'm saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. So sa-had!
Tears on my pillow! Tears on my pillow! Oh, my pillow case is SO wet!
Tears, all falling, wet tears, salty wet tears on my pillowcase
Fifty-fifty polycotton weave
Damn you, Bill.
My dress is blue, my pillowcase is blue, I'M blue—no wait, I'm Redd!

"Work It"

Hoo. Unh, honey.
When you work it, I'm at a rollin' boil.
I feel so sweaty, maybe I should hide—but I don't know!
Oh baby.
When I see you up on the box, I must admit, honey, you're a fox.
Work it honey!
Oh work it honey!
Show me you know how
How how
Show me you know how!
You wear out a pair of shoes every week,
But I know you still think I'm a freak!
Work it honey
Oh work it honey
Work it honey
Show me, show me, show me, show me you know how
Show me, show me you're a cow.
Oh honey, show me.

"It's Red"

Red, yeah.
I'm Red, I'm not pink, how dare you say—
How dare you!
How, how dare you say
That I'm pink right to my face, face, how do you say it—
How do you say it to my face that's so Red that I'm pink!!
Damn you people!!
I said I'm Red
It's Red
I'm not pink, damn you! I'm not pink!
How dare you say it—to my face even!!—that I'm pink when I'm so Red, I'm so Red!?
Red, Red, Red, Red
I said I'm Red
I'm Red, I'm Red, oh shut up, I'm Red
Red, Red, Red, Red, Red
I said I'm Red
Not blue
I'm Red
I'm Red, not pink, I'm Red, not lavender I'm Red, not teal I'm Red, I said I'm Red
Not pink, not peach, I said I'm RED!
It's Red, it's Red, it's Red

"That's the Cry of Just Another Fool (In Love)"

Hey, Redd, you're the man!
I'm Redd, and I'm a man, but I'm also black, but I'm Redd, but I'm a man.
Ooo, ooo.
I'm going to tell y'all a little story,
Yeah, something y'all can relate to.
It was another rainy day in Manhattan—cats and dogs, oh baby oh!
I was headed toward the drugstore to purchase a little something that I needed.
And you all know the aisle, you know what Redd NEEDED at the drugstore!
Oh yeah honey!!
Excuse me—I have to leave!
Thanks, Chuckie V. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Chuckie V knows what Redd wants!
So I was headed toward the drugstore and then . . .
I saw a man down-and-out, a sight so sad, there in the alley
Like a metaphor materialized!
He's what I like to call—well, I'll get to that
Because just then I heard, what I like to call
The cry of just another fool in love!
Oh-ho-ho, cry! The cry! Of just another fool! In love!
Oh, cryin' in the alley, so sad!
Poor girl, poor guy—I'm Redd, I'm black, I'm a man!
No, you're not, Redd!
Shut up!

"You Grew Up On Me"

Hi, Redd, how's the big time? Haven't seen you around
Aaaaah, aaaaaah, uh ahhhhhhh
Um, okay? Redd?
Aaaaah, mmm-HMMF-mmm
You always said that you were my little sister
And now, today, I'm just realizing
That what they really meant was that you were my sister
I mean, what I really mean is, they thought that I WAS YOUR SISTER—
It HURT! It hurt bad, it hurt so bad!
I'm sorry! I didn't know!
But now, I also know there's a place, a place where plants grow out of the dirt!
Where? I don't see it! Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Redd?! You're crazy, huh!?
And I also know a few other things, and one of them is I love you
I always have!
Ummm!!! Where's Mom?
I'm going to tell Orwell sometime, I promise.
But you grew up on me—like the vine!
Up, up, up, grew grew, grew grew up, grew grew up
You grew up on me where those plants grow out of the dirt!
Ummm! Where's Mommy?!
I'll always love you, little sister—just like a big sister would!
I have to go! I have to go, Redd!
So, from the very bottom of my red Redd heart . . .
Um, Mommyyyy!!
. . . I'll see you.

"Our Love Was Sweeter"

Mmmmm hmmmmm mmmm
Mmmmmmmm mmm
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hm hmmmmmmmm
Our love
Was sweeter
Than cauliflower!
Our love
Was sweeter than, ughhh,

Our love
Was sweeter than
White bread!
Our love was, uhhh,
Sweeter than gristle!!!

Our love
Was sweeter than . . .
Our love, uh, it wasn't that good anyway!
Shut up! I love you!!
Ughh, shut up Redd!
How could you?!! Orwell! I gave you my life!
You're gay!
But honey!! We shared so much!!
Uh, we just have the—the same size shoes!
But they're designer! From Armani!
Redd, you're a loser!
Our love was sweeter than notebook paper!
Annhh, shut up, Redd!

It's Redd was recorded August 18-19, 1998 and released in August 1986.
This ex-RCA recording star was brought to you by Slowly the Ghost Records.