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the educational album: CD

aka the sucky album
the educational album


Why is this on CD? Click on the titles to learn more about each subject,
or if you aren't interested in learning, go right to the lyrics now.

Note: many of these links do not exist anymore due to the stupidness of the universe.

S = sound file L = lyrics T = transcription

X L X  01. a language lesson in five parts 1:08
"Langues Etrangères pour Voyageurs"
X L X  02. macramé 1:20
"the macramé is faithful to the original."
X L X  03. little johnny could really ride a pony 3:22
"boy ponies,"
X L X  04. the girl with the funny twitch (original version) 1:11
"fatigue and stress cause eyelid twitching"
X L X  05. blood on the saddle 4:57
"More than 23 million units of blood components are transfused every year."
X L X  06. attack of the grizzly bear 0:06
"In less than half a minute, the grizzly charged and mauled Mark two times."
X L X  07. dismembered and bloodied torso 0:51
"devoted entirely and exclusively to Death Metal"
X L X  08. the monkey song (old version) 2:53
"Marmosets are a species of New World Monkey you can learn more about."
X L X  09. a is for albigensian 1:47
"However, Catharism was around before the people of Albi."
S L T  10. cornwallis in the fray (annoying version) 2:38
"On October 19, 1781, Cornwallis surrendered."
X L X  11. don't hit my car 1:52
"comes from an ancient Celtic word, 'carrus,' meaning cart or wagon."
X L X  12. john 3:17
"Date of Death : Unknown"
X L X  13. psychedelic song (super extra long version) 0:56
"There is maybe more abuse with the term 'psychedelic' than with any other in music."
X L X  14. steven is the fat king 1:54
"approximately 34 million American adults are overweight or obese."
X L X  15. bathroom song 0:46
"this is a cd bonus track"
X L X  16. as the rainbow fades 1:29
"companies that want to do business with and support the gay and lesbian community."
X L X  17. i'm an ugly bastard 0:33
"Yo mama so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies."
X L X  18. planet 6 2:28
"Since then we have found 6 more planetary companions."
X L X  19. the druid song 3:00
"There seems to be no time era when evidences of their ancient existence cannot be found."
X L X  20. get out of the bathroom 0:24
"the absolute lowest price on all types of bathroom accessories"
X L X  21. peanut man 0:35
"Peanuts are already popular in many formats"
S L X  22. my name is sussssy (take 1) 1:09
"Not listed in any particular order"
X L X  23. the phone song 0:48
"Reis came close to inventing the electric telephone, missing only by a 'turn of a screw'"
X L X  24. don't step to this 0:31
"The normal amount of urine created in 24 hours is one to two quarts."
X L X  25. bobby 2:59
"I first found Bobby in 1972 on his NBC variety show"
X L X  26. spontaneous comb 3:22
"Now comb your hair really well."
X L X  27. pancakes & broccoli (live) 2:24
"pretending that it's astronaut broccoli on a mission to the interior of the sun."
X L X  28. outer space 0:13
"States shall be liable for damage caused by their space objects"
X L X  29. homework 15:21
"Show your work on all problems."