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the zid: Cassette

the zid

60 minutes.
If you don't like this one you are stupid.
Just kidding; know a fence.

S = sound file L = lyrics T = transcription

side 1

X L X 1. change it, bill
X L X 2. the process
S L T 3. johnny & the platypus
X L X 4. the lumberjack
X L X 5. joe balding
X L X 6. hit-o-rama '96
X L X 7. sad dude
X L X 8. prune boy runs amok
X L X 9. bone in the road
X L X 10. sneak past the gorilla
S L X 11. chocolate dinner
X L X 12. left wing hits a fault
X L X 13. the monster who runs through the forest and kills people
S L T 14. coconut juice
X L X 15. kidney shot to the head
X L X 16. mr. doo doo head
S L T 17. salamander/monkey jig
S L X 18. officer bobby
X L X 19. 4 stiffs in a limp
X L X 20. the special button pt. 1
X L X 21. i am dead?
X L X 22. hidden secret guy

side 2

X L X 23. i have no donuts
X L T 24. into the cathedral we go
X L X 25. i wouldn't give you a bucket of water if you were drowning
S L T 26. jacket, the brown
X L T 27. rat friend
X L X 28. cómo ser queso?
X L X 29. the haunted sheep
X L X 30. mangolia
X L X 31. the empties
X L X 32. DANGER: chopped fat
X L X 33. the girl with the funny twitch
X L X 34. mr. cool meats himself
X L X 35. "only the weak"
X L X 36. the spinning nonexistence
X L X 37. the creamy biscuit
X L X 38. cotarkeistic aldemrober
X L X 39. mr. alien can fly
X L X 40. choke and kill you underwater
X L X 41. the act of stick
X L X 42. corpse in the corner
X L X 43. a trip to cheese mountain
X L X 44. glass wood
X L X 45. blood in the waves
X L X 46. pepper-carrot sauce
X L X 47. special button pt. 2
X L X 48. screw/unscrew:
X L X 49. resting place of the black chains
X L X 50. elegant journey

by the mcfee brothers:
jonbobby, bobjohnny, bobbobby, and jonjohnny